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Travel scholar 2015

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Hannah Bedford

The CORE Travel Scholarship enabled Hannah Bedford from Otago Boys High School to attend the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) National Conference in Boston, USA, in April 2015. Her purpose for attending was to gain ideas and skills for increasing the engagement and equity in maths education in New Zealand.

Hannah’s theory was that many mathematics classes are full of disinterest and inequity, with students’ performance decreasing internationally, while the importance of statistical and quantitative literacy is growing. As HOD of Mathematics at Otago Boys High School, and the recently elected president for the Otago Maths Teachers Association, Hannah wished to discover ways to lead and implement the appropriate professional development that aids mathematics education reform. This reform would allow all students access to high-level mathematical learning.

Hannah is hugely appreciative of this opportunity provided by CORE. She thoroughly enjoyed being in a building with 13,000 other passionate mathematics teachers that want the best for their students. She appreciated the chance to meet academics and teachers that are leading the world in mathematics education reform. This included attending talks by Professor Jo Boaler, Dr Jere Confrey and Freeman Hrabowski. Other highlights included attending ‘Ignite’ sessions, and gaining exposure to the diversity and ‘Common Core’ that is being implemented across the United States education system.

  • Professor Jo Boaler with Hannah

    Hannah (right) with Professor Jo Boaler (left)

  • Workshop

    Hannah participating in a workshop teaching complex numbers using rotations of numberlines.

  • Jo Boaler keynote

    Jo Boaler keynote address.

  • Exhibition hall

    Exhibition hall

  • Professor Jo Boaler with HannahJo Boaler (left) with Hannah.
  • WorkshopWorkshop teaching complex numbers using rotations of numberlines
  • Jo Boaler keynoteJo Boaler keynote
  • Exhibition hallThe exhibition hall