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Modern learning - OLD

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Modern Learning Environments


"An opportunity to design and build a Modern Learning Environment is an opportunity to create spaces fit for 21st century learners. As much as it’s about buildings and furnishings, it’s about creating spaces that promote learning that is personalised, student-centred, engaging and connected to real problems and the real world. Modern Learning Environments can help create the environment, mindsets and human capacity to help our young people make the most of their talents on the local and global stage. For them to be confident and capable to lead change, be creative, innovative and, above all, great citizens."


Mark is a Senior Consultant who wants to turn every school into an awesome school. More than that, he wants to turn every class in every school into an awesome class. He does this by helping schools build amazing learning environments and by growing teaching and learning capacity so everyone makes the most of these environments. Mark’s mission is to turn schools into awesomeness incubators.
Phone: 021475666