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Modern Learning

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Structuring education in a modern world

How should education be structured to meet the needs of students in this modern world? How do we now define “School”, “Teacher” “Learner” and "Curriculum"? The new millennium was ushered in by a dramatic technological revolution. We now live in an increasingly diverse, globalized, and complex, media-saturated society, requiring our schools to be focused on modern learning.

Relevance for 'now'

The Latin root of “modern" means ‘for now’ or ‘first this present time’, so our notion of modern learning must be always evolving to make it relevant for ’now’. It is bold. It breaks the mould. It is flexible, creative, challenging, and complex. It addresses a rapidly changing world filled with fantastic new problems as well as exciting new possibilities.

Modern learning strategies

CORE uses a range of modern learning strategies to work with teachers and schools as they seek to refresh and renew the way they think about their practice, the spaces in which they operate, the things they teach with and about.