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What others say

I really value your amazing support this year... we honestly couldn’t have done it without you!
I have been reflecting on the journey so far and what strikes me most is the inspiring people like you that we have met and enjoyed getting to know along the way.

Working with CORE has been an immensely rewarding experience. Seeing the work of the students online, engaging with them in conference calls and Skype hook ups, and hosting the competition winners at Weta Workshop has helped to underscore how invigorated and focused kids can be when presented with opportunities that extend and challenge them. We cannot thank the CORE team enough for their work, their support and their insights; and for facilitating this opportunity — not just for teachers and students, but for us too.

"I can see great potential for BookTalks to engage and inform students and staff right across the curriculum. Thank you BookTalks for providing schools with the opportunity to connect with writers and illustrators in such a relatively easy and affordable way. "

Katrina Young-Drew
Library Adviser

We just wanted to say thank you very much for your support as we came to the writing up of the last milestone. They don’t come easily for me and I appreciated your insightful suggestions and encouragement. I am still amazed that we did it, really. I certainly never thought that I would be lead teacher for half of it. (In fact, I said to Lyndell: "OK we will do it but I don't want to be writing any of the reports!") You have been a great facilitator. You offered support and encouragement when it was needed and gave us some much-needed prods at the right time  too. Thank you so much.

What a great presentation this morning. Love that vision of where we are going. Looking forward to the next one!

A wonderful session this morning. I came away totally inspired. My thanks to you and your team and, of course, to the speaker. At my advanced professional age (!) it was great to come away from a session feeling genuinely excited and enthused.