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Accelerated English Language Learning (ACCELL)

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ACCELL is a Ministry funded online ESOL programme for students in years 7–13. Students who are in the first stages of English language learning and at schools without specialist ESOL support can enrol in this programme of live lessons online and follow-up support.

Online ESOL support for schools

Online ESOL support for schools

ACCELL is an online ESOL programme available to intermediate and secondary schools who have students who are new learners of the English language. Students are enrolled in small classes in which they participate in three live lessons and three hours of  follow up work per week.

This programme on the VLN is designed to accelerate English language learning  to help students in years 7–13 catch up to their peers as quickly as possible.

What is the goal?

The goal of ACCELL is accelerated progress to enable students to participate and achieve in their mainstream classes.

Key features:

  • accelerated student progress
  • integration with classroom programmes
  • professional dvelopment for teachers and support staff.

Schools who are new to English language learners and who do not have established ESOL departments or ESOL teachers will find this resource invaluable. Students and schools are identified from the Ministry ESOL funding database, and the CORE team invites them to join the programme. Schools who think they might be eligible for the programme can also contact the providers directly.

If you would like more information, please contact:

Ruthanne Kennedy, ePrincipal:


Online ESOL support for schools